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Do you know what you’re getting into?

Even after 38 years of being in the cleaning industry and serving carpet cleaning Melbourne, we still get asked very common questions by people, like the difference between carpet cleaning systems, which shows that not everybody fully understands what they are getting into while hiring a professional cleaning service provider. Wouldn’t you feel ripped off, if you find out later on that the professional cleaning service provider you paid for, did not do a good job and that it wasn’t a suitable choice for you’re the soils of your expensive carpet? And sure, you can opt for DIY cleaning by renting one of the steamers from a local grocery store but that will not do a job as a professional cleaning expert can. This means the bacteria could still be hiding in your carpets, which means further health issues.

Being the best carpet cleaning Melbourne, let us help you understand how the carpet cleaning works and what services you’ll get when you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Professional carpet cleaners are the best choice because they have more expertise in how to get the allergens and dirt out without damaging the carpets. They have all the right cleaning solutions and advanced equipment that you cannot find to rent from any store, like UV lights for stains spotting and equipment for water extraction. With these, they have an advantage and can handle any type of situation such as water damage, stubborn stains, or sensitive fabrics. That is why you need to hire a professional cleaner whether it is residential or commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne.

How much does a professional Carpet Cleaning Cost? 

The cost of professional carpet cleaning Melbourne depends on various factors, which include the size of the carpets, type of carpet, and whether it’s stretched across several floors. It also depends on the tools used for the cleaning, while some carpets are easier to clean, others require extra care, special equipment, and cleaning solutions.

But do not worry about paying a heavy price for your carpet cleaning. Best Carpet Cleaning Services offers the best carpet cleaning services Melbourne at very economical prices. Our team provides top-class cleaning results at a very affordable price, without compromising with the quality of our service. Call us now to get a more accurate quote according to your budget and cleaning requirements.

Whether it is your house or office, we provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne. So, book your professional carpet cleaning appointment today to get spotless results.

How do carpet steam cleaning and dry-cleaning work?

These two are the main methods for carpet cleaning so let’s understand the differences between dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is effective in thoroughly removing the allergens and soils from deep within the carpets, which normal vacuuming fails to do. It’s a form of hot-water soil extraction, where extremely hot water is pumped through a powerful hose system and then all the dirt is flushed out.

The process involves a preliminary vacuum for removing surface dirt and a pre-treatment spray to loosen up stains and break down dirt particles. After that, the high-pressure hose is used for the water extraction process and the dirt or grime is taken out. This leaves you with clean and fresh-looking carpets.

What is Carpet Dry Cleaning?

After the pre-vacuum, carpets are treated with a special water-based cleaning solution and solvent, which dissolves all the dirt trapping oils from the carpets, and the stains are removed. Following that, cotton absorbent pads soaked with high-pressure water are rotated and whizzed across the carpets to remove all the dirt and sweep it away. This method is not recommended if the carpets have not been professionally cleaned for over a year because then it would need hot water extraction to deep clean.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services is expertized in Carpet cleaning Melbourne and has a wide range of cleaning services, our specialty is Carpet Cleaning. Our specialized carpet cleaning includes steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain removal, shampooing, encapsulation, mould restoration, pet stains and hair removal, hot water extraction, and more. We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Inspection – Our team of professional carpet cleaners inspects the carpets to know which equipment and cleaning solutions to use. This reduces the chances of carpet damage.
  • Vacuuming – It’s done to avoid dust and dirt to be pushed down the carpets, during the cleaning process.
  • Pre-Spray – This loosens up the dirt particles and removes oils that hold the stains together. This makes the extraction process easier and smoother.
  • Agitation – This is an important step that breaks down the tough soils that cling to the carpet fabrics. With this, there is less dirt and chemical residue.
  • Hot-water Extraction – This involves rinsing and suction of chemical residues and all the dirt.
  • Stain Treatment – This involves removing the stubborn stains which get left behind after the general cleaning process.
  • Speed Drying – This prevents any mould growth and decreases drying time by absorbing all the moisture that is still present in the carpets.
  • Grooming – The fibers of the carpets are reset to the original settings and positions, making them look new-like, drier, and much softer.

Our Cleaning Solution is Natural

The cleaning solutions we use are not harmful to either the material of the carpets of the people, your friends, and your family around. We use high-quality, non-toxic, cleaning solutions that ensure no damage to the carpets. These solutions are eco-friendly and healthy and do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals that may harm the surroundings.

Call us now to book an appointment and get the best carpet cleaning Melbourne with the most effective, harmless, reliable, and impeccable cleaning results.

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