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Leather & Rug Cleaning

Leather and rugs in your house are an investment. They not only enhance the ambience of your house but are also a sign of luxury and class. These are valuable and expensive items which need maintenance. Though leather is extremely durable there still can be normal wear and tear, making it less appealing. That’s why you need professional cleaning to add lifespan to your leather and rug and keep them new-like. Best Cleaning Services is here to provide you with outstanding leather and rug cleaning services in Melbourne and return their natural shine and vibrance.

Even though leather repels some stains, it does absorb oils, fluids or acids released from the human body, which get build up and damage the leather. Being an expensive item in your house, it is important to keep their quality and look intact. Not just that, rugs need equal attention and maintenance. They act as a home for germs, dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria, which can cause health problems. To tackle with all the stains and dirt, Best Cleaning Services is here at your service, offering best leather and rug cleaning services in Melbourne and nearby suburbs, for both residential as well as commercial sectors.

We have a team of highly trained professional cleaning experts who ensure full satisfaction. Our team takes care of all kinds of material, leather and rugs. Before the cleaning process starts, we inspect the material of leather and rugs to know which procedure, technique, equipment and cleaning solutions to use, to make sure the material or the original colour does not get ruined. In the case of colourfast rugs, they are dyed before the actual cleaning process. Special stain removal solutions are used to get rid of rigid oil and grease stains.


Why rugs and leathers need professional cleaning?

  • Hygiene – Regular vacuum cleaning can clean the dirt and dust from the surface but only a professional can thoroughly clean and remove the dirt from deep within, that is trapped between the fibres. This makes your surrounding healthier.
  • Improves life of material – Regular cleaning and removing all the stains and allergens from the material, helps keep the quality of your leather and rugs intact. This makes them last longer.
  • Improves the appearance – Nobody likes dirty rugs or leather products in their houses. The cleaner and fresh looking they are, the more appeal they have. Best Cleaning Services’ professional cleaning will add beauty to your house with our advanced techniques.


Why should you choose to Best Cleaning Services?

T4Z Services is fully licensed and certified and has been in the market for over 38 years now with provided best-proven results. We are a reliable and guaranteed cleaning service provider because we believe in building trust and good relations with our customers and like to leave them with a smile and full satisfaction with the work done.

  • Pocket Friendly - Why burn a hole in your pocket when you can get the best cleaning services in Melbourne at a very reasonable price. Our leather and rug cleaning services are very affordable with easy payment methods.
  • 24*7 Service - We are at your doorstep whenever you want. Our services are available 24*7 throughout the year. Hence, you do not have to wait.
  • Latest Technologies - In each cleaning service and method, the advanced latest technology is used to catch the tiniest dirt particle and not ruin the material.
  • Qualified Staff - We have a team of qualified and highly trained staff which loves to make sure to provide the best results possible.
  • Customized Services - Services can be booked as per your time, at any day and we will be there for you to make your lives easier by providing the best cleaning services in Melbourne.